Frequently Asked Questions

International Students FAQs

Are you an international student or an Irish student returning or arriving from abroad? Click here for additional Frequently Asked Questions.


What happens if I can’t start my course in NUI Galway due to Covid-19 travel restrictions?
If you are unable to start University due to a Government-imposed travel ban in place in either your home country or here in Ireland and you have already booked accommodation with us, we will refund any deposit less an administration charge and we will refund any rent paid.

For further information relating to COVID-19, please click here.

Booking for the Academic Year FAQs

When do applications usually open?
Applications usually open in February each year. The latest updates in relation to bookings will be available on our website here.

How can I apply?
When applications are open, links to two application forms are available on our website; one for Corrib Village and one for Goldcrest Village.

Please note: you can only apply for accommodation at one of our two residences, not both.

Applications open for a specified number of weeks. After this, rooms are offered by a computer-generated random lottery (not on a first-come-first-served basis).

Therefore, applying as soon as applications open versus applying just before applications close, for example, does not increase your chance of being offered accommodation.

Do I have to make a payment when submitting an application?

Am I guaranteed a room when I apply?
No, applications open for a specified number of weeks. After this, rooms are offered by a computer-generated random lottery.

Is there any advantage in booking as soon as the booking lines open?
No, applications remain open for a specified number of weeks, after which bedroom offers are made by a computer-generated random lottery (not on a first-come-first-served basis).

How and when do I know if I have been offered a bedroom?
Successful applicants receive a room offer by email. This is usually within a week of the closing date for applications (subject to change).

What do I need to do if I am offered a bedroom?
If you are offered a bedroom, you will receive an email with a link to your application on the student portal and details of the next steps required to progress your booking.

Can I make a sharing request when initially applying?
No. Sharing requests can only be made at a later stage, if you have a confirmed booking. Please note: we try our best to accommodate friends together, however it’s not guaranteed that your request will be met.

When does the payment have to be made by?
The deposit needs to be paid within the timeframe specified in room offer email.

Can I make the payment over the phone?
No, payments have to be made online using the link sent in the room offer email.

I have received a room offer. What happens if the room type I want to book is unavailable and a ‘waiting list’ option is showing on the online form?
You have the option to either select the ‘Waiting List’ button and join a waiting list for this room type or click ‘Reserve’ on an alternative room type and book this room type.

• It is not possible to book one room type and join the waiting list for an alternative room type.
• If you opt to join the waiting list for an unavailable room type, this waiting list will not become active until CAO offers have been made.

Can I apply for accommodation in both Corrib Village AND Goldcrest Village?
No. You can only apply for accommodation in one residence – either Corrib Village or Goldcrest Village. There is a separate online application form for each student village.

Can I apply more than once?
No. You can only make one application in total.

Can I book a room by telephone?
No, all bedrooms must be booked online.

Do I have to select a room type when making an application?
Yes, you have to select your preferred room type when filling out an application form for a particular residence. It is an indication of your preferred room type only – if you successfully receive a room offer, you will be offered any room types available at the time (this may or may not include your room preference) and you can proceed to book any of these. After booking a room, please note that it is not possible to change room type.

What do I need when making an application?

When filling out an online application form, you need:

  • An email address (to which booking confirmation details will be sent) – this should be the applicant/student’s email address.
  • Applicant’s contact details.
  • Student’s CAO number.
  • Student’s room type option.

How do I complete my application?

  • Visit our website and select the application form for the village you wish to apply for. Once you select the relevant application form, enter your email address in order to receive a security code.
  • Security code: you must log onto the application form for a security code in order to be able to make a booking. This is for security purposes to ensure your online safety in the booking process.

Note: You can find useful step-by-step video guides at the top of this web page!

Are there rooms available in campus accommodation for students with a disability?
Yes, a limited number of places are available for campus accommodation due to impact of disability. These places can only be recommended for students whose attendance would be adversely affected, due to the impact of their disability, if they lived off campus. Priority consideration is given to students who need to live in accessible accommodation e.g. a wheelchair user, or where a student with a visual impairment would find it very difficult to travel to college. Please contact for more information.

What does ‘Quiet Zone’ mean in the room requests section of the application form?
With the intention of balancing the expectations of all residents, applicants making a booking can, if they so wish, request to stay in an apartment within a quiet zone.

Once all applications have been processed and if room types booked facilitate it, we try to allocate those who have made the same requests together. This process is simply intended to allocate like-minded people together and should be self-policing where standard Campus Living House Rules will apply.

What happens if I accept offer of accommodation and fail to be offered a place at NUI Galway?
Please refer to our rates page for information.

I am eligible for a grant; will the Grant Office pay for my fees directly to the student residence?
No, you must pay for your accommodation directly. For information about grants, click here.

When is the next payment due?
Please refer to our rates page here.

Note: You can find useful step-by-step video guides at the top of this web page!

I applied when applications initially opened but did not receive a room offer. What happens now?
If you apply when applications initially open, but do not receive a room offer, you are automatically on the waiting list for the village for which you applied. You may be offered a room after CAO offers are made, if we receive cancellations and places become available. Room offers are sent by email.

Waiting List FAQs

I didn’t apply when applications initially opened. How do I join a waiting list?
When waiting lists are open, you can find links to them on our website. Please note that you can only join one waiting list.

Note: If you applied when applications initially opened, but did not receive a room offer, you are automatically on the waiting list for the village for which you applied.

If you are on a waiting list, you may be offered a room after CAO offers are made, if we receive cancellations and places become available. Room offers are sent by email.

Is there a fee to join a waiting list?

Can I join both waiting lists for the two student villages (Corrib Village & Goldcrest Village)?
No, you can join one waiting list only. Students are asked to choose either Corrib Village or Goldcrest Village. There is no benefit in joining both waiting lists. Duplicate applications are removed prior to offers.

How does the waiting list work?
Following CAO offers, it is usual for us to receive cancellations, and at that point, we offer any available accommodation to waitlisted applicants using a computer-generated random selection, by email.

Cancelled rooms are offered in rounds. The number of people that are offered places in each round matches the number of cancelled bedrooms available.

Where am I on the waiting list?
Applicants are not numbered on the waiting lists, any rooms that are offered are offered on a random allocation basis.

When do bedrooms become available to book?
No bedrooms become available to book until all cancellations have been received. Key dates are listed on our booking information page.

Can I book a bedroom over the phone?

How will I know if I am being offered accommodation?
All correspondence will be via email using the email address you entered onto the student portal.

What is the likelihood of me getting a bedroom if I join the waiting list?
It is not known how many bedrooms will become available. However, we usually receive a number of cancellations.

What room types might become available?
This depends on the cancellations received.

If I selected to book a single room en-suite but a different bedroom type becomes available, will I be able to make a booking of a different room type?
Yes you will be offered bedrooms based on live availability. All bedroom types available will be offered.

If I am on the Goldcrest Village waiting list, will I get an opportunity to book a Corrib Village room and vice versa?
No. Bookings for each residence are separate. If you are on the waiting list for Goldcrest Village, you will be offered available rooms in Goldcrest Village. If you are on the waiting list for Corrib Village, you will be offered available rooms in Corrib Village.

If I book a bedroom, what are the next steps?
If you are successful in booking a bedroom and pay the €250 deposit fee, you will be asked to complete the following next steps online via our student portal:
• Nominate and confirm your guarantor details.
• Upload your photograph and add contact information.
• Pay the accommodation fees per your preferred payment method in advance of your arrival.

Pre check-in information, including check-in time slots, is emailed to incoming residents in advance of their arrival to NUI Galway.

What other accommodation options are there?
Information and advice regarding other accommodation options is available from the NUI Galway Accommodation and Welfare Office.

Cancellation FAQs

How do I cancel my reservation?
If you have not moved into your room, you can cancel your booking via the student portal. No cancellations will be accepted by telephone or by email. You MUST log onto the student portal to cancel the bedroom yourself.

The student portal ‘To do’ List is showing that I must set up a profile – why do I need to set up a profile if I just want to cancel my bedroom booking?
All students are required to complete their profile by a specified date (which is communicated by email) to ensure they can proceed to make a payment for their bedroom booking OR cancel their bedroom.

You MUST create your profile, which includes completing your guarantor information, contact information, bank details and signing the licence agreement, in order to process your cancellation request. Your cancellation can only be completed on the student portal.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?
Please refer to the cancellation policy on our rates page for information.

How will I receive my refund money?
All refunds are processed via bank transfer only. You must complete the bank details section on the student portal. Please note you must have the following information:

– Account Number
– BIC/Swift Code
– Bank Name
– Bank Address

Can I receive my refund via cheque or cash?
No, all refunds are processed via bank transfer only. You must upload your bank details onto the student portal so that we can process your refund.

Can I pass my bedroom onto my friend who needs it?
Bookings are non-transferable and if you are not in a position to keep your bedroom booking, you must cancel your booking via the student portal.

Note: You can find useful step-by-step video guides at the top of this web page!

Booking Confirmed & Check-In FAQs

When is check-in?
Information in relation to check-in will be available on this web page.

Please note that if you do not complete all of the required elements prior to check-in, you should expect delays.

What information do we need when going to check in?
Just your name and address.

How do I make a sharing request?
Students with a reservation are notified by email on how to make a sharing request.
Please note: we try our best to accommodate friends together, however it’s not guaranteed that your request will be met.

How do I edit/change my photo ?
Log onto the student portal to do this, if still having issues e-mail and we will help you.

I can see an apartment number and bedroom number on my booking confirmation– is this my bedroom number?
No, apartment details are subject to change and your bedroom number will be issued to you on check-in.

Can I obtain my apartment number or my housemates’ details before check-in?
No, apartment details will be issued to you on check-in.

What is a TCAS number, as it’s requested in the registration form?
Your TCAS no. is the reference number you have used to log onto the student portal.

Is my parent allowed in my room when I am at check-in to drop in supplies?
Yes, one parent at a time is permitted to accompany you to your room.

Can I park my car on campus?
Yes, there is a limited number of parking spaces on campus. It is the responsibility of the student to get a parking permit from the NUI Galway Parking Office (fee applies) in order to park on the University campus. Spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that there is strict clamping in operation.

You must park your car at a location indicated by any member of staff or security personnel if and when requested to do so. Cars are parked at own risk. Campus Living management does not accept any responsibility for cars parked at our residences.

Can a visitor park at the student residence?
Residents can park at Corrib Village (subject to availability) – only permit holders can park in these spaces and there are also a limited number of pay and display spaces. Clamping is in operation.

Accommodation Information FAQs

Are you allowed to put up posters/pictures on the wall in your room if you use command strips?
Preferably use blue tack

Can we use blue tack on our bedroom walls?

Will there be locks on the bedroom doors?
Yes, there are locks on all bedroom doors and we remind you to please bring your key card with you at all times especially when you leave your bedroom.

Are some apartments mixed gender?
Yes, some apartments are mixed gender.

Can you vape in the apartments?
Smoking and vaping is not permitted.

How will paying for utilities work if we go over the deposit, will it be per apartment or per person?
It is very rare that utility bills would exceed the prepaid deposit. However, should it happen, a charge per apartment will apply.

Do we need to bring our own utensils for the kitchen? Saucepans, frying-pans etc.?
All apartments are fully equipped with crockery, cutlery, and saucepans and in line with Public Health Guidelines, please limit sharing and wash all kitchen items thoroughly.

What is a twin room?
A twin room is a larger room consisting of two single beds, which is shared by two students. Each student must apply separately.

What kind of layouts do the apartments have?
Corrib Village floor plans can be viewed here. For details on the layout of Goldcrest Village, see here.

How is accommodation allocated?
Accommodation is allocated solely on the basis of room type chosen. As a result, allocations will likely be made up of mixed genders, courses of study and years of study.

Who can occupy rooms in the student residences?
Rooms are available to NUI Galway students only, proof of which is required on check-in or shortly after, once you have registered with NUI Galway.

Do I have to leave at Christmas and Easter?
No, the accommodation lasts for the duration of your licence.

If I leave before the end of the year what happens?
In the case of early departure, the onus is on the student to find someone to take their room. Until a replacement has been found, the student will not be refunded.

Can I keep a pet in my apartment?
Only guide dogs are permitted.

Safety FAQs

Is there a curfew?
No, there is no curfew. However, we do require that residents carry their ID cards with them at all times.

Are the residences safe?
We consider the safety of students to be of utmost importance. Our residences have security outside of office hours. All residents are provided with an ID card which should be carried at all times, as residents may be requested to present this to security or management.

In addition, there is a friendly reception team who are available 6 days a week to deal with any queries that students may have.

Is insurance for my belongings provided?
No, you must take out your own cover for your possessions. We recommend having the family household policy extended to cover the personal effects away from home.