Booking Information

Academic Year 2023/24

Applications for accommodation for the academic year 2023/24 at Corrib Village, Goldcrest Village and Dunlin Village (University of Galway’s campus residences) are now closed.

I submitted an application. What happens next?

All valid applications received by 3pm Friday 10 March 2023 will be included in the accommodation lottery for the selected village.

Accommodation lotteries will take place weekly, on a rolling basis, until all rooms are reserved – see key dates below.

All offers are sent by email – make sure to save and to your email contacts.

We will update all applicants by email when all rooms have been reserved and room offers have been completed.

If you are selected from the lottery…

You will be sent a room offer by email and you will need to pay a €250 booking deposit to secure the room within 5 days of receiving the offer email.

Payment must be made online at the booking link provided.

IMPORTANT: If you do not pay the €250 booking deposit within the 5-day period, your reservation will be released automatically and the room will be offered to another student.

If you are not selected from the lottery…

Your application will remain on the waiting list for the village for which you applied. Any rooms that become available due to cancellations, will be offered to students on the waiting list.

I have not submitted an application…

You will have an opportunity to join a waiting list at a later date. Our website will be updated when this option is available.

Key dates

  • Tuesday, 14 March 2023: Goldcrest Village room offers commence. Offers will be sent weekly on Tuesdays until all rooms are reserved.
  • Monday, 20 March 2023: Corrib Village room offers commence. Offers will be sent weekly on Mondays until all rooms are reserved.
  • Wednesday, 12 April 2023: Dunlin Village room offers commence. Offers will be sent weekly on Wednesdays until all rooms are reserved.

Information for international students

If you are an international student, please read this section carefully as there are different routes to apply for on-campus accommodation depending on your circumstances.

All international students with a course offer from the University of Galway are eligible to apply for on-campus accommodation. Please note that accommodation on campus is limited and demand is high so you are encouraged to apply as soon as you have chosen University of Galway as your international study destination.

A limited number of rooms are available on a 50-week basis for postgraduate students.

We cannot accommodate accompanying family members at this time.

How to apply for accommodation

CAO applicants
First Year undergraduate students from the European Union who have applied to the University of Galway via the Central Applications Office: Applications have now closed.

Non-CAO applicants
There is a separate route to apply for accommodation. For undergraduate and postgraduate students from outside the island of Ireland who have applied to the University of Galway directly:

Students who have accepted a course offer and paid the course deposit will be contacted by the International Office separately with accommodation application details in due course.

Visiting Students: Erasmus, Study Abroad & Student Exchange
The University reserves a small number of rooms for Erasmus, Study Abroad & Student Exchange students. Students will be given the opportunity to apply for one of these rooms once all applications have been processed. The Erasmus, Study Abroad and Student Exchange Teams in the International Office will contact you directly with application details in due course.

For further information regarding accommodation for international students, please contact the University of Galway International Office directly

Please email the relevant address below.

Please also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

Information for students with a disability

A limited number of places are available for campus accommodation due to impact of disability. These places can only be recommended for students whose attendance would be adversely affected, due to the impact of their disability, if they lived off campus.

Priority consideration is given to students who need to live in accessible accommodation e.g. a wheelchair user, or where a student with a visual impairment would find it very difficult to travel to university. Please contact for more information.

Scéim Conaitheachta Gaeilge

Interested in the Scéim Conaitheachta Gaeilge? Please see here for information.

Frequently asked questions

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please see here.