Frequently Asked Questions

Making an Application

How can I apply?

You can apply on our website when applications are open. Applications for incoming first years open in February and remain open for a three-week period.

There is a separate application process for new-entrant international students. which will commence in April.

Can I apply for Corrib Village, Goldcrest Village and Dunlin Village?

No, you can only apply for one village. Multiple/Duplicate applications will be deleted and will not be entered into the room lotteries.

Ok, so how do I decide which village to apply for?

To help you decide which village would be the best fit for you, you should think about your needs and your budget. There are three main questions to ask yourself before you make your application.

1) Am I happy to share a bathroom with housemates?
2) Am I happy to share a bedroom with a housemate?
3) What’s my accommodation budget?

Do I have to make a payment when submitting an application?

No, there is no payment required at application stage. A booking deposit is required to secure a reservation if you are offered a room in the lottery

Am I guaranteed a room when I apply?

No, all eligible students who submit a valid application for accommodation on campus will be entered into a lottery for rooms once applications have closed.

If I apply as soon as applications open, will I have a better chance of getting a room?

No, applications remain open for a number of weeks. So, you can make your application at any stage during that period and you will be entered into the room lottery. Applications are not processed on a first-come-first-served basis. We recommend that you take your time submitting your application and ensure that all information provided is accurate.

Do I have to select a room type when making an application?

Yes, you have to select your preferred room type when filling out an application. It is an indication of your preference only and cannot be guaranteed. If you are selected from the lottery, you will be offered any rooms available at the time – this may or may not include your room preference.

Can I apply to live in a male or female only apartment?

No, accommodation on campus is allocated on an inclusive basis.

What is a valid application?

In order to be deemed valid, and included in the room lottery, an application:

  • Must be completed and submitted before the application deadline
  • Must include a valid CAO number for incoming first year applicants
  • Must contain true and accurate information re. applicant (personal information, course, year of study etc.)


  • Only one application is permitted per person
  • Multiple and/or duplicate applications will be deleted and excluded from room lotteries
  • Only students registered for courses at University of Galway are eligible for accommodation at Corrib Village, Goldcrest Village and Dunlin Village during the academic year.

I am currently living on campus. Can I apply again for next year?

Priority for on-campus accommodation is given to incoming first year students and new-entrant international students. Second, third and fourth year students should contact the University of Galway Accommodation Advisory Service about other suitable accommodation options.

Accommodation Lottery and Room Offers

Are all applications entered into the room lottery?

All valid applications will be entered into the relevant room lottery. Only applications from incoming first year students will be entered into the lottery for first year accommodation. Only new-entrant international students will be entered into the lottery for international student accommodation.

How and when do I know if I have been offered a room?

Applicants who have been selected by the lottery will be sent a room offer by email. Please add to your email contacts. Room offers for incoming first year students will commence in mid-March.

What do I need to do if I am offered a room?

If you are offered a room, you will receive an email with instructions for selecting a room and making a reservation. A booking deposit will be required to secure your reservation. Details of the next steps of the reservation process will be included in the email.

When does the payment have to be made by?

The booking deposit needs to be paid within the time frame specified in room offer email. If payment is not received by the given deadline, the room offer will be automatically withdrawn and offered to another student on the waiting list. There are no exceptions to this.

Can I make the payment over the phone?

No, all payments must be made online.

Can I request to share with my friend?

While we try to accommodate friends who would like to live together, it is not guaranteed. Sharing request for twin rooms will be prioritised.

I have received a room offer but the type of room I want to book isn’t available. What can I do?

This means that your preferred room type is unavailable. You have the option to reserve the room that is currently available. Alternatively, you can select waiting list to join a waiting list for your preferred room. Note, there is no guarantee that you will receive another room offer.

Can I change to a different type of room I’ve booked at a later date?

No, it is not possible to change room type after you have booked your room.

Can I book a room without receiving a room offer?

No, only students who are selected from the lottery and sent a room offer are eligible to make a reservation.

Waiting Lists

I applied for accommodation on campus but I did not receive a room offer. What happens now?

You will automatically stay on the waiting list for the village for which you applied. If we receive cancellations and places become available after CAO offers are published in August, you may be offered a room then. All room offers are sent by email.

What are the chances of receiving a room offer if I’m on the waiting list?

It’s impossible to say as the number of cancellations we receive varies from year to year. If you are on the waiting list, you would be relying on a cancellation to secure a room on campus.

Can I put my name on the waiting list for all the villages to increase my chances of getting a room?

No, you can only join one waiting list. Duplicate and multiple applications will be automatically deleted and will not be entered into the room lotteries.

I didn’t apply when applications initially opened. How do I join a waiting list?

When waiting lists are open, you can find application links on our website. Please note that you can only join a waiting list for ONE of the three villages.

Is there a fee to join a waiting list?

No, there is no fee to join a waiting list.

How does the waiting list work?

Following CAO offers and before the start of the academic year, it is usual for us to receive a number of cancellations. At that point, we offer any available rooms to waitlisted applicants using a computer-generated random selection lottery.

Where am I on the waiting list?

Applicants are not numbered on the waiting lists, any rooms that become available are on a random selection basis.

How will I know if I am being offered accommodation?

All correspondence will be via email using the email address you used to submit your initial application. Please ensure that you add to your email contacts to prevent room offer emails being filtered to your spam/junk mail.

Will I be included in the lottery for all rooms that become available after cancellations or will I just be included in the lottery for my preferred room type?

In the event of cancellations, any available rooms will be offered to students on the waiting list for accommodation.

If I am on the Goldcrest Village waiting list, will I get an opportunity to book a Dunlin Village room and vice versa?

Applications and lotteries for each residence are separate. If you are on the waiting list for a particular village, you will be offered available rooms in that village. If all rooms in your preferred village are booked and rooms remain available in another village after the start of the academic year, you may then be offered a room in the other village.

If I don’t get a room in the lottery, what other accommodation options are available?

The University of Galway Accommodation Advisory Service will be able to provide you with information and advice about suitable off-campus accommodation in Galway.

Moving In

Can I live with friends?

Sharing requests are subject to availability and feasibility and cannot be guaranteed.

How are rooms allocated?

Rooms are allocated based on room type and availability. We try to allocate students from similar courses and year groups together but this is not always possible. Please note that apartments are allocated on a mixed-gender basis.

Will I have to share a bathroom?

All bedrooms in Goldcrest Village and Dunlin Village come with a private en suite bathroom. There are a number of en suite rooms available in Corrib Village also though most standard rooms will share a bathroom with housemates.

Is bedding supplied?

No, you should bring your own bed linen.

Do I need to bring kitchen utensils?

All apartments are fully equipped with crockery, cutlery, and saucepans.

Can I bring a pet?

Only guide dogs are permitted.

When can I move in?

We will contact you to arrange a check-in time prior.

What do I need to bring with me for check-in?

You will need to bring photo ID and proof of student status at University of Galway. We will not be able to give you access to your room until all payments due in advance of check-in have been made.

I have a car. Can I park nearby?

There is temporary ‘drop-off’ parking available near the residences to facilitate moving-in. If you would like to keep your car on campus, you will need to apply for a parking permit from the University’s Parking Office. Parking is only permitted in designated areas and clamping is in operation on campus. You must park your car at a location indicated by any member of staff or security personnel if and when requested to do so. Cars are parked at own risk. Atalia Student Residences DAC management does not accept any responsibility for cars parked at our residences.

Can my family or friends come with me to help me move-in?

Yes, but please be mindful that other students will be moving in on the same day.

Do I have to attend the pre-arrival induction?

Yes, the pre-arrival induction is mandatory.

International Students

I don’t have a University of Galway student number yet. How can I submit an application?

The International Office will be in touch with you in due course with details of how to apply for on-campus accommodation.

I will be doing a postgraduate course. Can I stay in student accommodation for the summer months too?

There are a limited number of rooms available for postgraduate students on a 50-week basis. Please contact the University of Galway International Office directly to express your interest;

I am an international student and will be travelling from abroad. Can I have luggage delivered in advance of my arrival?

Yes, while we cannot accept any liability for your luggage, you are welcome to have it delivered in advance. We will store it securely once it’s delivered. Please make sure it is clearly labelled.

Can you help me with visa arrangements?

We recommend that you check the Irish Embassy/Consulate website in your current country of residence before making travel arrangements. See Irish Department of Foreign Affairs website for up-to-date travel information. You may require a study visa to enter Ireland, so please check the INIS (Immigration Service Delivery) website.

Useful link: University of Galway International Office

During your Stay

How can I keep up-to-date on socials?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter !

Will there be organised events to get to know people?

Yes, keep an eye on your email and @StayUniofGalway social media!

I am a resident in Goldcrest Village. Can I use the common room in Corrib Village?

Yes, residents of both villages can use both common rooms (there is a common room in each village).

How do I report a maintenance problem?

You should log any concerns or maintenance issues on your Student Accommodation Portal. This sends a direct notification to our maintenance team and issues are dealt with in order of priority.

Where can I find information about recycling, post collection, the RA Team, security and reception opening hours?

All the information you need is in your Student Handbook.

Can I have friends to stay overnight?

Yes, you need to submit a request form.

I want to organise a get-together – how can I book the common room?

Please email reception at

Is there bike storage?

There is a locked indoor bicycle store area at Block G and H in Goldcrest Village. There are outdoor bike racks in Corrib Village. Bicycles are not permitted inside apartments or stairwells.

Is there a shop on site?

There is a shop/café located on site in Corrib Village. From groceries to stationery, it offers all the essentials and all the convenience!

Is laundry included?

Laundry rooms are located in each residence. Laundry is not included in your accommodation. There are instructions on how to download the circuit laundry app in the launderette. You can pay via app.

How do I use the laundry machines?

Please refer to the posters on display inside the launderettes or click here for detailed instructions on how to purchase credit, how to use the machines and get support. With Laundry View you can go online and check the availability of washers and dryers in your launderette.

Are there meal plans for students?

We do not provide meal plans for any students. However we have 16 restaurants/cafés located across campus including a café here in our residences and all boast a good variety of food and beverages at special student rates.

Can I drink the tap water?

Yes, the tap water in the kitchen of your apartment is safe to drink.

As it is stored in a tank, water from the tap at your bathroom sink is not classed as fit for drinking. However, it is perfectly suitable for washing, tooth brushing etc.

How does the heating in the bedrooms work?

Corrib Village: Check out our how-to video guides here.

Goldcrest Village: The heating is centrally controlled. If we receive requests to turn it up or down from several students, we can edit the heating for a block. Otherwise, we will leave it as the standard setting.

What do I do if I get locked out?

Please contact reception. The phone number is 091 527112.

Are the student residences safe?

Our residences have security outside of office hours. All residents are provided with an ID card which should be carried at all times, as residents may be requested to present this to security or management.

In addition, there is a friendly reception team who are available 6 days a week to deal with any queries that students may have.

Are there locks on the bedroom doors?

Yes, there are locks on all bedroom doors and we remind you to please bring your key card with you at all times especially when you leave your bedroom. Your keycard is programmed so that only you can access your bedroom.

Is there a curfew?

No, there is no curfew. However, we do require that residents carry their Residence ID cards with them at all times.

Can I smoke/vape in the apartments?

No, smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited.

What happens if I don’t get on with my housemates?

Moving to university and living in shared accommodation can present some challenges at first. We would encourage you to discuss any concerns or niggles with your housemates openly in the first instance. If issues persist, please talk to our welfare co-ordinator.

Can I move to a different apartment?

It is not usually possible to change rooms or apartments after you have moved in.

Who is responsible for cleaning the apartment?

Apartments are self-catering so you are responsible for keeping your room and the apartment clean.

Will my apartment be inspected?

Yes, your apartment will be inspected at regular intervals to ensure it is maintained in good condition. You will be notified of inspections in advance.

Can I put up posters/pictures on the wall in my bedroom?

Yes, use removable White-Tac rather than tape and take care to avoid removing paint.

Payments & Bills

I am eligible for a grant; will the Grant Office pay for my fees directly to the student residence?

No, you must pay for your accommodation directly. For information about grants, click here.

Is insurance for my belongings provided?

No, it is recommended that you take out your own insurance cover for your personal possessions.

How will paying for utilities work if we go over the deposit, will it be per apartment or per person?

It is very rare that utility bills would exceed the prepaid deposit. However, should it happen, a charge per apartment will apply.

Cancellation Policy

What happens if I accept an offer of accommodation and do not receive a place at University of Galway?

Only students of the University of Galway are eligible for accommodation at Corrib Village, Goldcrest Village and Dunlin Village. If you do not receive and/or accept a course offer from the University of Galway, you should cancel your accommodation reservation by logging into your Student Accommodation Portal. You will be sent log in credentials and access to the Student Accommodation Portal once you have a confirmed room reservation.

How do I cancel my reservation?

If you have not moved into your room, you must cancel your booking via the Student Accommodation Portal before the cancellation deadline. If you are an incoming first-year student, we will notify you of the cancellation deadline once the date for publication of CAO results is known. No cancellations will be accepted by telephone or by email.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?

As long as you cancel on the Student Accommodation Portal before the cancellation deadline, an administration fee of €100 will be deducted from the booking deposit and the remainder will be refunded. Where cancellations are received after the given cut-off point but before move-in, the reservation will be cancelled but no refund will be issued.

When will I receive my refund if I cancel?

Refunds will be processed within 1 month of cancellation.

Can I pass my bedroom onto my friend who needs it?

No. Reservations are non-transferable. If you cancel your reservation, it will be offered to a student on the waiting list.

What if I need to cancel after I move-in?

In line with current Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) legislation, if you wish to cancel your on-campus accommodation within the licence period, you are required to give 28 days’ notice in writing by submitting a cancellation form. You will be liable to pay the licence fee and any and all associated charges up to the end of the 28-day notice period or such longer period of notice stated in the cancellation form. A cancellation charge of €100 will apply in all cases.

For Parents/Guardians

What safety and security measures are in place?

We understand that, as a parent/guardian, knowing that your son or daughter is making a smooth transition from school to university life is of utmost importance. Not only that, you want to know that they are living in a safe and secure environment with a community-feel.

At our campus residences, we put the welfare of our student residents first and do all that we can to make their stay as comfortable and secure as possible. With security outside of office hours (with regular patrols), a dedicated reception team and Residential Assistants, they can make the most of university life in a friendly and safe environment, while at the same time, enjoy their independence and become familiar with the responsibilities that come with young adulthood.

Other safety measures:

  • Apartments can only be accessed with key cards.
  • Reception and security are contactable by phone.
  • Note: all residents are provided with an ID card which should be carried at all times, as residents may be requested to present this to security or management.

Video Guides

Videos for residents...

  • Not sure how the heater in your apartment works? Find out this and more with our useful video guides