What Student Residents Say

Never mind what we say, read what our student residents think below!

Daire, an Arts Student from Offaly

“Corrib Village has such a community environment you will never be left feeling alone. With a friendly atmosphere and also staff willing to help with all your problems Corrib Village is a fantastic step towards adulthood.

easiest place in the world to make friends

The apartments are roomy and fully equipped and it is the easiest place in the world to make friends. Its abundance of facilities makes it so easy to live and its location is fantastic with only being a 10 minute walk to the city centre. I loved living in Corrib and will always look back on it in fondness.”

Nicole, an Arts Student

“One of the best things about Corrib Village is how central it is to everything. Eyre Square is only a ten minute walk and there is everything you could need at your doorstep. The apartments are spacious, and equipped with all the necessities and the reception staff are so helpful. Another huge bonus is the security team who ensure that the place stays secure which gives such peace of mind.

the perfect first year accommodation

It’s been so helpful being so close to lectures and the complementary campus shuttle bus is brilliant for those rainy Galway days! The change from living at home to living away can be strange but Corrib Village has made it so easy to settle in. It has been the perfect first year accommodation.”

Ornagh, a Psychology Student from Kildare

“As everyone knows, starting college can be a very exciting yet daunting time. For me, living in Corrib Village made settling into college life so much easier, as it immediately felt like a home away from home. With brilliant facilities and lots of friendly faces, I would highly recommend Corrib Village to any prospective first year students.”

brilliant facilities and lots of friendly faces

Sorcha, an Arts Student from Kilkenny

“What I love about Corrib Village is that it’s so close to lectures and only a short distance from Galway City Centre. It never takes more than fifteen minutes to get from my apartment to town. It’s also brilliant to be so close to the Kingfisher Club on campus as I’m very involved in sports.

Making the move to Corrib Village was not at all difficult. It was so easy to settle in because everyone is in the same position. A lot of people I’ve met in college are staying there which is great! Plus, the Residential Assistants Programme is really good for getting to know people; the events are perfect opportunities for meeting people who you wouldn’t see otherwise.

makes it so easy to move from home to college

Corrib Village is probably the safest student accommodation in Galway, the 24-hour security is reassuring and gives great peace of mind! The staff are experienced, approachable and understanding but they don’t tolerate messing which can be a very good thing too!

I would definitely recommend Corrib Village to other students because it makes it so easy to move from home to college; it’s perfectly located, you don’t have to worry about landlords and it’s great fun!”

Zachary, a Science Student from Sligo

“For my first year in NUI Galway, I had no other place in mind than to stay in Corrib Village. My sister stayed in student accommodation when she went to NUI Galway and she highly recommended it. The best thing about Corrib Village is the chance we have to meet new friends. The accommodation is arranged into blocks which makes it very easy to meet new people every day. There is never a moment where you feel on your own! There is always somebody to talk to or to meet up with. If it wasn’t for Corrib Village, I would not know half as many people as I do now and I definitely would not be as settled into the course and university life as I am.”

Joren, an International Student from Belgium

“Corrib Village is the perfect place to start your exploration of Galway and Ireland in general. As an international student, you will always share an apartment with other international students who are in exactly the same situation as you, which is great for making friends in your new home. Also, the numerous activities that are organized by the management are a great help. Staying in Corrib Village means you are guaranteed to meet a lot of new people who will make your stay in Ireland unforgettable.

would recommend it to every international student who is staying in Galway

In addition, from arrival to departure, the management team is always ready to make your stay more enjoyable. All of this creates a situation in which you don’t have to worry and just enjoy your stay. Everything is provided and as Corrib Village is located on the NUI Galway campus, you even don’t have to worry about getting up early to get to class in time! I honestly enjoyed my time at Corrib Village and would recommend it to every international student who is staying in Galway.”

John, a Biotechnology Student from Clare

“Moving from home to Corrib Village was easy. There is so much going on that you never really have time to get homesick or upset! You can always go home on the weekend as well so you are never away from home for more than a week.

It’s really great how close Corrib Village is to lectures; it’s a 10-minute walk max. to the main concourse and closer depending on whether you have lectures in other buildings. It’s 5 minutes from a Centra or else there is the shop in Corrib Village itself, which is handy if you need something quickly. The gym is also only 5 minutes away and when you’re going out at night you don’t even need to get a taxi, it’s a 15-minute walk into town!

The reception staff are really helpful and security are around 24/7

Corrib Village is a great place for making friends too. The way the houses are laid out means that you have no other option than to talk to people. There are 3 or 4 others in your house and then the same above you and across the way so you are always in contact with people.

It’s also a very safe place to live. The reception staff are really helpful and security are around 24/7, which means that there is never any hassle with non-residents coming into Corrib Village and causing trouble.”

Katie, a Drama, Theatre and Performance Student

“Corrib Village is a very welcoming place for first year students, who are most likely living away from home for the first time. I found the transition easier than expected due to the helpfulness of reception staff, and their dedication to ensuring that each student enjoys their time in Corrib Village.

plenty of activities organised throughout the year

There are plenty of activities organised throughout the year, which I have found particularly enjoyable, such as movie nights, free yoga lessons, parties for special occasions and various video game nights. This offers the students a way to entertain themselves in a warm, welcoming environment. It also offers a chance for students to get to know each other, something I appreciated as making friends in college is key to getting the most out of it.

I chose to stay in Corrib Village as I had heard that it was an excellent place for first year students to settle into college life. Throughout my time here, I’ve found that this has been proven right, and it is certainly a place where one can feel safe. The security presence means that Corrib Village is a safe, secure environment, making it ideal for students new to living away from home. On the whole, I would highly recommend Corrib Village to future students of NUI Galway as it is a friendly, safe and lively place to be a student.”

Deanne, a Science Student from Donegal

“I really enjoyed staying in Corrib Village in my first year. It is in an ideal location so it only takes 5-10 minutes to get to lectures. It gave me the chance to meet other people who were new to the University as well which made it very easy to make friends. Also, Corrib Village staff tries to match you up with people from your own course in your apartment which is really helpful for studying.”

Julie, an Engineering Student from Tipperary

“Living in Corrib Village for first year really helped me to settle into college life.  It’s easy to make friends with the other first years living there.  It’s near to both the college and the city which is really convenient.  There are lots of facilities on-site like the shop, laundrette and study room.  Free events, such as movie nights, are often organised for the residents which provides them with the opportunity to get to know each other.  I would recommend living in Corrib Village for first year because it makes the transition from living at home to college enjoyable.”


Thanks to all the office staff, security and maintenance for making my first year in college enjoyable and safe. I can definitely say it was an experience I will never forget,  and Corrib Village played a huge role in that! – Ben from Clare