Corrib Village RA Programme


At Corrib Village, developing a community spirit and making sure that students settle in well to university life is our priority. As a result, each year we recruit Residential Assistants (RAs) from the student body in the village who act as liaisons between students and Corrib Village management.

Responsibilities of RAs include guiding and mentoring students, as well as helping out with lots of events throughout the year, making it a fantastic way to get to know other Corrib Village residents. Take a look at what events are organised for this term alone by viewing our 2017-18 Semester 1 Events Guide!

Position Summary

A Residential Assistant (RA) is responsible for providing leadership and building community spirit amongst the student population in Corrib Village.

Living in Corrib Village, each RA is responsible for a set number of apartments. The RA responds to the needs of students, facilitates the creation of an environment conducive to academic and personal development and manages critical administrative and operational tasks.

Life in Corrib Village is dynamic so RAs must be flexible, adaptable, enthusiastic and dedicated in order to respond to changing needs and situations, whilst ensuring the implementation of Corrib Village policies and procedures.

Why Get Involved?

RAs get the opportunity to organise lots of events throughout the year for fellow residents, making it a fantastic way to get to know other students staying at Corrib Village. Not only that, but RAs can also benefit from the following:

• A reduction in accommodation fees
• Acquisition of important skills for future career goals
• Rewarding personal and professional growth
• Experience in working in a diverse and dynamic organisation

How to Apply

As the RA programme is becoming more and more popular each year, not every student is guaranteed a position. Candidates need to go through an application and interview process to be considered.