Information for Parents

At Corrib Village, we understand that, as a parent/guardian, knowing that your son or daughter is making a smooth transition from school to university life is of utmost importance. Not only that, you want to know that they are living in a safe and secure environment with a community-feel.

Well, you can rest assured. At Corrib Village, we put the welfare of our student residents first and do all that we can to make their stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

With 24/7 security, a dedicated reception team and Residential Assistants, students at Corrib Village can make the most of university life in a friendly and safe environment, while at the same time, enjoy their independence and become familiar with the responsibilities that come with young adulthood.

Below are some frequently asked questions that you, as a parent/guardian, might find useful. For the full list of our FAQs, click here. Alternatively, click here to read parent reviews.

Where is Corrib Village?

Corrib Village is located on the NUI Galway campus, only a short walk from the University’s main buildings. View a map here.

How can my son/daughter apply?

Apply and pay online by clicking here. For rates, payment options and our cancellation policy, click here.

What happens if I pay for accommodation and my son/daughter fails to be offered a place at NUI Galway?

In the case where a student fails to be offered a first-round place at NUI Galway, €100.00 will be deducted and the balance refunded, if the cancellation policy is followed. For more information, click here.

Is there a curfew?

No, there is no curfew. Corrib Village does not take responsibility for the comings and goings of residents. However, we do require that residents carry their Corrib Village ID cards with them at all times.

All non-residents must sign in and out with security and must leave Corrib Village by 11:30pm, unless they have been registered as an overnight guest. Please note, however, that Corrib Village reserves the right to restrict access to non-residents at certain times.

Is Corrib Village safe?

The team at Corrib Village consider the safety of residents to be of utmost importance.

Corrib Village is a gated complex with 24/7 security. All students are given a security card on arrival, with contact details of security staff should any issues arise.

Non-residents are not permitted to enter the complex after 11:30pm unless they have been registered as an overnight guest. All residents must carry a Corrib Village ID card, which must be presented to security when entering the complex after this time.

In addition, there is a friendly reception team who are available six days a week to deal with any queries that students may have.

One of the biggest advantages of the student residence is its proximity to the main campus buildings, all of which are within walking distance. Although most students choose to walk, there is a free campus bus which picks up and drops off at Corrib Village at regular intervals throughout the day and evening, meaning that students can have peace of mind, especially if they need to get home from lectures on a dark evening.

Can I book a room by telephone?

No, rooms must be booked online. To book a room, click here.

My son/daughter is eligible for a grant, will the Grant Office pay for my fees directly to Corrib Village?

No, you must pay for accommodation directly. For information about grants, click here.

How can I pay the deposit and moiety?

To book and pay online, please click here. For information on rates and payment, click here.

When is the second moiety due?

Please refer to our rates page.

Who can occupy Corrib Village rooms?

Rooms are available to NUI Galway students only, proof of which will be required on check-in or shortly after, once a student has registered with NUI Galway.

Is insurance for my son/daughter's belongings provided by Corrib Village?

No, students must take out their own cover for their possessions. We recommend having the family household policy extended to cover the personal effects away from home.

If my son/daughter gets evicted or leaves before the end of the year what happens?

If a student is evicted, no refunds of rental will be made.

In the case of early departure, the onus is on the student to find someone to take their room. Until a replacement has been found, the student will not be refunded.

Please note that when a student leaves, Corrib Village management have the right to move another resident into that student’s vacant room. If this occurs, however, the student must still find a replacement for the room which is vacant.